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We conduct one annual update including several new features and developments of the software to improve the tool. Moreover, the software is updated in real time using patches to complete the new legal requirements for auditing. These normative updates are mainly based on NEP (French norms), directly inspired by ISAs.

RevisAudit, being developed with Windev and Excel, the handling is very fast: background and functions are already known. After finished 2 audit folders, you will you will navigate like a fish in water.

No, the training’s main objective is to offer you a better and faster handling of the tool and the presentation of all little tips and tricks. If you know Excel, you can start RevisAudit by relying on the online help.

The work team is not limited. Once the WP ready, you can display it to as many contributors as necessary.

The potential means time saved by users is between 20 and 35% of the effective time of an audit engagement. This saving is mainly due to the automation of many work previously done by hand and the dynamic link between accounts and controls.

Firstly, its procedure is very pragmatic. It was designed by accountants and auditors in a spirit of efficiency and formalization.
Then, it goes to the end of the process. Everything is planned so that there is little or no ancillary works to be performed. With its various modules (all delivered in standard), it accommodates both the revision to the audit.

The different modules of RevisAudit allow to choose the direction of the audit engagement to carry out. The Control Folder module is almost exclusively for the CPA. Conversely, the Working Paper module is equipped and automated, allowing a sharp revision of accounts. In a more general way, the user is free to choose the modules they wish to use and tasks to perform. He remains master of its procedure.
Moreover, the RevisAudit administrator in an audit firm can defines, according to his wishes, the various “tasks” to be performed by stakeholders depending on the type of audit engagement.

The accounting entries import in RevisAudit is done when it is possible to an accounting software to generate a folder in text or ASCII format (done by all standards on the market).
Journal Entries or Trial balance after JE or tax returns export from RevisAudit is completely integrated. If your software is not yet in the list of export, you just need to transmit us the format under which one your computer accepts a folder and we will integrate it very quickly.