ClosingReport, 1st Fast Close Software

Create a Fast Close process by including financial reporting and reduced time for your closing accounts.

Create a Fast Close process by including financial reporting and reduced time to accounts closure.

ClosingReport is The software for companies and associations to optimize the quality of financial information and save time on their accounts closure.
By partnering with specialists, Gest On Line has developed a simple, ready to use and compatible with your ERP and accounting software. ClosingReport will fit in your information systems without impacting your internal organization.

By combining technical expertise and business, ClosingReport gives you all the means to implement the Fast close approach.


Why choose Closing-Report

A specific tool for Fast Close

A Fast close project is sets out to reduce delays while being in a quality improvement process. ClosingReport allows you to:

  • To automatize the audit of all the financial statements, whether monthly, quarterly or even yearly.
  • To improve Financial control with customized dashboards automatically generated.
  • To have available a shared, collaborative scheduling to optimize communication within your company.

Automatic and simplified Closing Accounts

A dynamic and comprehensive revision of accounts by accounting cycle in conjunction with a suitable work program.

The closure procedures are often causes of late, ClosingReport allows you to solve all the underlying problems, form and timing.

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