6/11/2019 – Software Editing 

Salon-de-Provence, September 6th, 2019 – Gest On Line has launched DreamAudit : a cloud-based solution for audit engagements, which is set to digitalize and automate the auditing industry internationally. 

The French company which is managed by Ludovic ASPA: who alongside managing the company is a Chartered Accountant Expert in France, has 20 years’ experience in the industry and specialises in software editing; offering audit solutions to support an evolving industry.  To encourage the companies digitalisation, DreamAudit will enable them to become a key player in the growing market of digital solutions for finance professionals. 

This automated, digital, cloud based solution for auditing; which will be on display at Accountex North in September was presented at Accountex in London with some great reviews. DreamAudit’s simple data tree which is broken down into 5 simple steps coupled with ISA updates in real-time mean that users really do save time and become more efficient especially with the automation process applied to all documents as well as the possibility to work collaboratively in real-time. For Gest On Line, the main objective of this development is to gain a significant share of the world market for software editing. 

Ludovic ASPA, President of Gest On Line, declared: “We are particularly proud to support Accountex North and even more so to launch our new SAAS auditing solution there. It’s a great platform for us and being present at Accountex will give DreamAudit the necessary visibility to become a key player in this highly technical niche market.”

About Gest On Line

Gest On Line has been supplying accounting, auditing and finance professionals for more than 20 years with innovative digital software and is ranked among the top 500 Tech companies in France.  Their strategic locations in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Ireland enable them to adapt their solutions to the local ISA standards. Gest On Line’s pioneering spirit and cutting edge development enables them to develop more efficient and state-of-the-art solutions for financial professionals all around the world. Gest On Line works hand-in-hand with its customers to offer more than just software: Gest On Line delivers secure, easy, intuitive platforms to audit and manage risk. 

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