Our Audit Softwares

Whether you are a Chartered Public Accountant, an Auditor or a Finance director, we have the solution adapted to your needs.
Whether in France or foreign, we can offer you the specific version for your environment.

Why choose us?

  • Because our solutions have been designed and developed by experts in auditing and in financial professions.

  • Because our technical teams refine and continuously update our applications.

  • Because Gest On Line is often recognized for its innovation and quality of its tools.

  • Because our technical support and sales teams put a point of honour to help and meet you at every moment.

Fulfil your entire audit engagement with DreamAudit, the easiest and fastest cloud-based solution for your audit engagements, wherever you want, whenever you want. Created by auditors for auditors, DreamAudit is the ideal assistant for your financial auditing needs..

Forget all your old spreadsheets & working papers hidden in folders in your computer. No more paper trails, no need to waste time with unnecessary actions. It’s time to protect your work and go digital!

Generate your financial reports & letters with ease. Manage your audit engagement step by step, based on the audit approach. Access your audit folders from anywhere with the DreamAudit SaaS platform.

DreamAudit is updated in real-time with the latest ISAs, with a specific audit approach compliant with your country’s regulations. Work on any international audit engagements from your location!

Cloud remote auditing add-on which makes it possible for auditors to use a two-way, real-time communication flow and to securely send signed letters and documentation, receive client files and respond to requests all in the safety of the secure cloud. 

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You are an audit firm and you are looking for a complete, simple and ready to use solution which will facilitate your audit engagements.

RevisAudit Start is a very intuitive, simple and user friendly tool. A short training is sufficient to master it perfectly. In addition, our support and technical teams are daily at your disposal.

By using RevisAudit Start during your audit engagements, you save time and efficiency by automating your audit approach.

RevisAudit Start offers many features to help you as a documents search engine or audit wizards to automatically fill in your worksheets.

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Your External Confirmations As Never Before

Including third parties selection, generation and sending requests, follow-ups, collecting replies…our platform does it all for you

With CirculariZ’s automatic follow-up requests when applicable and electronic management processes to simplify responses
With full process control, advanced authentication system and tracking process of responses
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You are a firm and you are looking for a Management and Accounting revision Software that will simplify your daily work.

In compliance with your enterprise resource planning and financial software, ClosingReport will allow you to automatize the most recurrent tasks for a time saving on your accounting fences.

With ClosingReport, define your indicators and instantly benefit from the generation of all your financial statements and internal reports.

Respecting the schedule is a major challenge in achieving its objectives in terms of closing dates. To overcome this problem, ClosingReport provides a collaborative planning, automatically updated based on the tasks performed.

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