RevisAudit Start

Time saving, efficiency and serenity with RevisAudit Start, the reference Audit Software.

RevisAudit Start is the most efficient and innovative Audit Software for Chartered Public Accountants.

Thanks to many features provided by RevisAudit Start, you earn:

• In Rapidity with the automation of work programs, collaboration or audit assistants

• In Simplicity thanks to its intuitive ergonomics but also with its integrated EDM (Electronic Document Management)

• In Efficiency and Security with an integrated search engine and several annual updates to be always in compliance with ISAs standards

6 reasons to choose RevisAudit Start

Software for International Auditors

Since 2011, Gest On Line demonstrates its willingness to develop and adapt RevisAudit with specific accounting standards in different countries (ISAs standards, OHADA …). Gest On Line offers RevisAudit in English and Dutch versions.

To meet the expectations of many countries, Gest On Line had developed RevisAudit Start, a software offering key features for international markets.

General Structure

Manage your audit engagements easily with the navigation toolbar reproducing all the steps of the audit process:

  • Acceptance and continuation of the mission
  • Price of knowledge and evaluation of the risk of significant anomaly
  • Creation of audit procedures in response to identified risks
  • Substance controls and validation of accounts
  • Synthesis of the mission and creation of the report

Each step of your mission is followed step-by-step through our audit software. Tools are available for an optimal efficiency and an automation for recurring tasks, according to your engagements.

  • Recovery of items from other missions or responses from previous fiscal years
  • Automatic import of entries
  • Analysis of risk levels
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • Automatic adaptation of work programs according to your risk analysis
  • Pre-filled worksheets …

Everything has been thought to facilitate and automate your work in your legal audit missions.

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